Corporate/Professional MOOCs

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) model has become a major discussion topic worldwide in recent years. In typical MOOCs, there's video of an instructor, readings, and online discussion forums. Many analyses have found both strengths and weaknesses in the MOOC approach.

We've taken what we see as the strengths of MOOCs—video of experts discussing their experiences, and online discussion forums to allow learners to collaborate, debate, and discuss—and taken the concept a step (or several steps!) further to create our award-winning corporate/professional MOOC model.

In our corporate and professional MOOCs, we merge the collaborative and social strengths of MOOCs with our active-learning philosophy by incorporating a wide variety of in-context activities and real-life examples into a MOOC structure. Our corporate and professional MOOCs can run for any appropriate length of time (e.g., with daily content for one week, or with weekly content for 10 weeks), and also have value as on-demand courses.