Our approach to custom online learning is based on the concept of user-centered design: we create courses, scenarios, and performance-support solutions that meet the learning and performance goals of the audience. We're big believers in the effectiveness of technology—but in using technology in a human-centered way.

We employ a variety of online learning methods, including simulations and games, scenario-based learning, collaborative and social learning, and just-in-time performance support. We use and create technology—from interactive video to mobile apps to virtual reality—in ways that achieve goals for our client organizations.

Key elements of our custom learning experiences include:

  • An emphasis on in-context learning by doing. We help learners acquire skills that will transfer to the job.
  • Engaging, relevant learning activities that feel relevant to the audience, and that learners emotionally connect with.
  • Learning that's designed to fit the learners' workflow. Whether it's a training course or a just-in-time performance-support piece, we design solutions that learners see as relevant to their work and fit into their workday, rather than being a distraction from it.