Performance-Based Design

Our custom learning experiences and performance-support products are specifically designed to improve the performance of the target audience—not just to have people memorize facts and pass tests.

Our team draws on academic research and years of exploring and evaluating creative approaches to design products that suit the audience and are effective in improving performance.

research + practice = performance

Innovative Technology and Media

We're big fans of new technology and our technical team is always exploring new and future technologies. For example, along with looking at new uses for mobile phones, right now we're experimenting with virtual reality and hologram projection!

Exciting as technology is, our view is that technology in our field needs to be used in service of performance goals. The latest, greatest advances are always fun, but creating experiences that make use of technology to improve performance is the true goal. Our team has years of experience in creating new technologies and in creating and producing scenario videos with actors, interactive videos, animations, and more.

User Experience (UX)

In our view, good education and training design involves the creation of an experience that the learners connect to. It might be an immersive simulation, or a mobile app to aid in decision-making, or an interactive MOOC, or something entirely new and different!

We look to create experiences, not just training courses. To that end, our project teams have experience in User Experience (UX) design along with education and technology, allowing us to create products that learners enjoy and appreciate.

We include UX design themes throughout our process, and our team includes specialists in graphic design, scriptwriting, technical writing, and video production and editing.